Spy Bluetooth Glasses Gulbarga

Spy Bluetooth Glasses Gulbarga,Spy Bluetooth Glasses Shop in Gulbarga

Spy Bluetooth Glass Earpiece Set

We‘re presenting the absolutely unique and revolutionary offer on the market – spy glasses with an earpiece. This distinctive device is specially designed for all spy earbud users, i.e. for those, who want to pass exams without a hassle, who want to conduct successful business negotiations overtaking competitors or simply strike others by your own knowledge – gadget grounded knowledge taken by invisible assistant for example while playing games.

These spy glasses feature an embedded microphone, helping you to communicate with your party. They listen to you and provide you with the information you requested in the real time, whereas you listen to these replies though an spy earbud. This set allows you to be successful in every way. Even more, nobody will ever know that you are cheating them, just because of set‘s main feature – small size and absolutely invisibility.

Spy Bluetooth Glass Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Glass Earpiece Set

Spy glasses work with any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth audio feature, including popular Apple‘s iPhone & HTC Android. Spy Glasses earpieces sets are made in Europe and are of the exceptional quality.

Spy Glasses set package includes:

•Bluetooth spy glasses (compatible with all mobile phones, including iPhone)
•Spy earpiece (choose your own size)
•3 batteries for your earpiece(LR521/LR379 or 337/SR416SW))
•Glasses charger
•Warranty blank
•Manual in your language

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